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Sarah Zip Up Button Puffer Vest W/Waist Toggles
Sarah Zip Up Button Puffer Vest W/Waist Toggles
Southern Roots Clothing Company

Sarah Zip Up Button Puffer Vest W/Waist Toggles

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A zip-up button puffer vest with toggles combines various functional elements for a versatile and stylish garment:

  • Zip-Up and Button Closure: The combination of a zip-up and button closure allows for different styling options and ease of wear. You can use the zipper for quick closure and the buttons for added security or style.

  • Puffer Vest Design: The puffer style provides insulation without sleeves, offering warmth while allowing for more freedom of movement compared to a full jacket.

  • Toggles at Waist: Toggles at the waist allow you to adjust the fit of the vest, cinching it for a more customized and flattering look. They also help in trapping warmth by preventing cold air from entering.

This combination creates a practical and fashionable vest suitable for layering over sweaters or long sleeves during cooler weather. It's functional for outdoor activities while adding a trendy touch to your outfit!! The perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe!!

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