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Large Silky Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clip
Large Silky Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clip
Southern Roots Clothing Company

Large Silky Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clip

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Introducing our "Large Silky Ribbon Bow Hair Claw Clips" – a statement of elegance and style that transcends the ordinary. These oversized hair claw clips are adorned with luxurious silky ribbon bows, making them a bold and sophisticated accessory for your hair.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the large silky ribbon bows add a touch of opulence to your hairstyle. The oversized design of the hair claw ensures a secure and comfortable hold, making it suitable for creating both casual and more refined looks. The silky texture of the ribbon bows adds a luxurious feel, enhancing the overall glamour of your hairdo.

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